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Custom House Music Publishing International is dedicated to providing a simple, transparent service for writers, producers and artists that are not currently published. We are pro-active, creative people and being song writers ourselves understand the need for crystal clear agreements to ensure that you trust us to administer your rights whilst you continue to do what you do best and write great songs, original music and more.


    Unlike other publishers that want to either sign your publishing for 7 years (standard) or even in perpetuity (for life!) we offer a very simple and fair 1 year rolling contract. If you’re happy with us then we just roll the deal on. Likewise if someone comes along offering you big bucks then you can cancel and you’re free to go.
  • RATE

    You will receive 75% of our net receipts. A lot of other publishing deals are split 60 / 40 or 70 / 30 at best. We believe that by giving our writers bigger returns they will be better placed to continue writing and providing works to be published. Custom House Music International are leading the way in fairer deals for writers.

    Our administration facilities are provided by KOBALT MUSIC the most successful independent music publisher in the world. They have reciprocal arrangements in place with collection societies in over 37 territories, meaning if your song gets played on the radio in Austria at 3am, we know about it and collect the royalties due to you.

    In addition to Custom House collecting and distributing your publishing royalties, we are also proactive in exploiting your rights. We engage in all forms of licensing and we have relationships with TV, Advertising Agencies and media outlets that are all looking for music. We are backed by over 40 global synch staff – read more here

Your Guide to Getting Published

We’ve provided a simple guide explaining what to do, what forms to fill in and where to send them.


In addition to licensing your  music for TV / Film etc (see SYNCH) we will also represent your rights and interests should any other form of licensing be required.

This could be another artist wanting to cover your song or it could be a request for your composition to be used on a compilation album.

Whatever the reason, we will ensure that we negotiate on your behalf and take the hassle out of the paperwork for you.

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Simply, when you want to put (sync) MUSIC or AUDIO to any sort of visual media (TV / film / adverts / video games, trailers, animations etc).

There will be 2 kinds of copyright.

  1. The sound recording – a license will need to be granted by the recorded rights holder

  2. The composition (song) – this is the published song. And this is what we represent. It is the copyright in the actual creation of the song. So it includes the melody, lyrics etc.

There can obviously be many ‘recorded versions’ of your song. Either by yourself (re-records, demos, album versions, single versions etc) or by others (cover versions). In any case, we will represent your publishing interest.

Anyone wanting to use your composition in any visual format will need a Music Synchronisation License from us.

"We actively seek out synch deals for our writers. Backed by the largest independent publisher in the world, KOBALT MUSIC, we have contacts within television, film and media outlets worldwide."

Check out some recent synchs by Kobalt here -

It's important that you make us aware of any unique elements to your songs. Our job and therefore your chance of a successful placement, is made a lot easier if we can tell the people commissioning the music that we have a track that is "180bpm, in the style of folk punk, with a subject matter of partying on a Tuesday night"!


1Television - series, theme tunes, incidental music

2Adverts - TV, Trailers, Cinema, Internet, Radio


4You Tube

5Computer & Video Games

6Any other broadcast medium

Do You Need Music?

If you are a media company, music placement company or anyone looking to license music, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will discuss our catalogue with you.

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This is the form to supply new works to us. Please download the file, fill in, save and then return by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download here


This is the form to supply your personal info to us, so that we can pay you! Please download the file, fill in, save and then return by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download here


This is the form to let us know if your songs have been released. Please download the file, fill in, save and then return by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download here


This is the getting started guide as a PDF in case you can’t see the above magazine guide. Please click to view.

View here

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